Peter Persona

Family Centered Entertainment


One day, Peter opened his front door to find a cardboard box sitting outside. Little did he know that what was inside would change his life forever. 

Peter strives to connect and engage his audiences with their imagination. Whether it’s listening to Humphrey the Rooster crow out a tune, explaining the how-to’s of summoning a genie or chuckling at one of Fredric Hoppertoad’s impressions. 

Peter is inspired to develop encouraging and uplifting performances. These qualities drive him to create exceptional experiences that your family and friends will love.

Does any of this interest you? Would you like to see it in action? Then Please contact Peter. He’d love to hear from you. 




Peter grew up in rural Ontario and became involved in theatre programs at a young age. He developed an interest in variety entertainment while watching street performers and entertainers at fairs and festivals. Peter and his companion Fredric Hoppertoad made their first public appearance in a Talent show at the 150th Lansdowne Fair. They were honoured to be awarded with second place. 

Previously, Peter’s life mission had been to completely fill his teddy bear piggy bank with pennies. Unfortunately, that became increasingly difficult after the penny's discontinuation and Peter found himself looking for something else to occupy his time.

One day, Fredric arrived on his doorstep. When asked how he got into such an uncomfortable situation Fredric replies, “I don’t want to talk about it.” Peter decided to make the best of the circumstances after getting over the shock of finding a three foot tall talking frog in a box. Humphrey the Rooster arrived soon after and Peter's life would never be the same again. 

The teddy bear bank remains half full and Peter can be found masquerading as a ventriloquist with Fredric and Humphrey sitting in as his Puppets. Together they make up the mismatched trio of Peter Persona and his puppet pals.

Peter holds a film acting diploma from the Toronto Academy of Acting and is currently based out of Kingston Ontario.