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We'll be at the SpringWorks Festival

I'm pleased to announce that Fredric Hoppertoad, Humphrey the Rooster and myself will be appearing at the SpringWorks Festival this October. 

Click here to learn more about the show!

(Dates and Times are To Be Announced)

Hope to see you there,


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Dragons, Treasure and Knights! Oh My!

The dragon’s huge frame sprawled atop a pile of sparkling trinkets. Coins, pieces of gems and golden thingamabobs overflowed from the vast heap. Charred remains of several wooden chests lay scattered across the uneven floor. The dragon evidently felt keeping its horde neatly sorted in boxes as a…

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Watching Our Words


I like words, all the different sounds, rhyming them together, their ability to connect and convey ideas.

   I’m using words to communicate with you right now. This page would be blank without words. Okay, maybe that’s a little obvious. I’ll take that as a hint to work on my writing …

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Are you Working to Achieve your Dreams?

    I’d like to talk about dreams today. Not the type of dreams that we have at night when we sleep. I’d like to touch on the goal kind of dreams. The dreams we have today about where we want to be in the future. 

    I like dreams. Dreaming is fun. It gives us a hint of what our lives coul…

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Everyone Loves Puppets!


   Okay the title of this blog post isn't completely true. Some people don’t like puppets and others are terrified of them. If you or someone that you know falls into one of these categories; let me to extend my deepest sympathies. By the way, please follow my social media if you don’t like…

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Lansdowne Fair 2016

Peter and Humphrey at the Lansdowne Fair


Humphrey the Rooster meets a long lost relative

This summer was quite exciting. The Lansdowne Fair is my favourite fairs to attend and I've been visiting for many years. I'm excited to say that this ye…

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